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Boardwalk Real Estate is a family owned private Real Estate corporation established in 1999.


Backed by our impeccable reputation, at the heart of Boardwalk Real Estate’s success is family. We have always been a privately owned company which provides our buyers and sellers with unlimited access to our executive management team.


All of Boardwalk Real Estate’s clients know that we are here to meet all their needs. As a result, clients are not hesitant to reach out to us whether they have a real estate or lifestyle question, we are here to help. Our client centered approach explains why the majority of our business is referral based.

We are the trusted advisor to top business managers, attorneys, and financial advisors that represent high profile clients. Every client we work with becomes part of our family and is treated with the utmost delicate care and discreteness.


Boardwalk Real Estate’s local expertise and deep community involvement separates us from the flood of real estate companies in Los Angeles. At the close of every transaction, we donate 10% of our commission proceeds to clients’ favorite local charity of choice.


Our firm also has a true in-house mortgage division, Boardwalk Lenders.We have access to a wide array of financing sources from private, banks, as well as government backed institutions. If our client is self-employed and cannot document their income, we can find them a loan! Foreign Nationals are also welcomed here.


For over 17 years, we’ve risen above the relentless competition by maintaining the highest ethical standards and unparalleled commitment to community. If you are planning to sell, buy/and or finance your home, call us today and we will schedule a confidential meeting so you can experience what it means to be part of the Boardwalk Real Estate family. 

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